2022 GMC Hummer EV Truck Cost

March 22nd, 2022 by

2020 GMC Hummer EV on a beach

It’s not hard to spot a GMC brand truck hard at work in the Aurburndale area. From fleet trucks to on-site heavy-duty machines – GMC has produced machines that get the job done for nearly a century! Now, GMC is introducing an all-new truck to their lineup, the GMC Hummer EV Truck, and it’s as impressive as it is unique. Inside you’ll find everything you want in a new EV, and you’ll get the performance out of it that you expect from any GMC truck, and more! Take all of those things in mind and add them to the approachable GMC Hummer EV Truck price, and it’s not hard to see why thousands have already added themselves to the reservation list to get one! Make sure to contact us if you have any questions!

It should be noted that the Hummer, traditionally an SUV, is now being offered in two main configurations, an SUV and truck setup. In this guide, we’ll be focusing specifically on the expected starting MSRPS for each respective truck model configuration. The electric Hummer truck price starts at a reasonable $79,995 and comes packed chock full of unique and beloved features that’ll make you the star of the job site or off-road adventure! Keep reading for information on each individual configuration, their respective prices, and some of their standard and available features!



New Electric Hummer Truck Price & Configurations

There are four models of the GMC Hummer Truck configuration to choose from, and with so many features available in each, it shouldn’t be hard to make a decision on which one best suits your Winterhaven driving needs. Whether you’re looking for a statement of a new ride to conquer your Tampa commute, or you’re looking to do the same for an off-road adventure, the new Electric Hummer Truck models are sure to satisfy! Check out the respective features and pricing of each below:

Hummer EV2: Starting at $79,995 MSRP

The GMC Hummer EV2, the standard model of the Hummer EV Truck type, starts at an MSRP of $79,995. This trim level, although considered the base model, is anything but lacking in features. There’s enough in this truck to satisfy most any Lakeland drivers! Check out these included features:

  • Super Cruise™ Hands-Free Driver-Assistance feature
  • All-weather floor liners with carpet inserts
  • MultiPro™ tailgate
  • Infinity roof with opaque sky panels
  • Rear power drop-down glass
  • 400-Volt DC fast charge capabilities

Hummer EV2X: Starting at $89,995 MSRP

Considering that the following features are made available in addition to the ones on the standard trim level, we find that the starting price of the GMC Hummer EV2X is pretty reasonable! It adds the following exciting goodies:

  • Available extract mode
  • 4-wheel steering
  • CrabWalk feature
  • Adaptive ride control
  • 800-Volt DC fast charge capabilities (up to 300kW)

Hummer EV3X: Starting at $99,995 MSRP

A great middle ground between high luxury, high performance, and excellent features is the GMC Hummer EV3X, a marvel of modern GMC engineering. With enough power to get you from 0 to 60 in approximately 3.5 seconds, it also offers some of the following features:

  • Torque vectoring
  • Premium 22-inch wheels with 35-inch OD all-terrain tires
  • Available 350+ mile range with 3 motors
  • Available Watts to Freedom feature
  • Available transparent sky panels

Hummer EV Edition 1: Starting at $112,595 MSRP

As is the case with the SUV configurations, the Edition 1 is the top-of-the-line Hummer EV model. If you’re really looking to stand out, there’s no surer bet than the Edition 1 model of the GMC Hummer EV. It adds the following great features to the already impressive list:

  • Transparent sky panels
  • Extreme off-road package
  • Exclusive interior badges
  • White exterior color

Reserve the GMC Hummer EV Truck at Kelley Buick GMC, Inc.!

The GMC Product Experts at Kelley Buick GMC, Inc. have been excitedly waiting to show you what the electric lineup of GMC vehicles can offer, and now that the GMC Hummer EV is soon to arrive, they’re more excited than ever, and you should be too! Contact our team to get started on reserving one for yourself today, and to learn more about your financing options!


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