What are the Benefits of Electric Cars?

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No matter where you go in the Lakeland area, electric cars are becoming more and more common. It won’t be long before they’re the norm among new vehicles. You’ve probably heard that improved fuel economy is one of the main benefits of electric cars, and that there are a lot of environmental benefits of electric cars, but just how much better are they in these aspects than a traditional vehicle? Learn the details about the benefits of electric vehicles with Kelley Buick GMC, Inc..



Benefits of Electric Vehicles

The benefits of electric vehicles make them a great fit for the way most %%taget_city_2%% drivers commute and travel! The bottom line is that, while you’ll need to adjust to charging in Aurburndale, the payback is more than worth your while. Some of the benefits of electric cars include:

  • Zero Emissions: This is one of the primary environmental benefits of electric cars: almost zero tailpipe emissions. Many electric cars don’t even have a tailpipe. 
  • Renewable Energy: Another environmental benefit of electric cars is that they can use renewable energy by choosing chargers powered by enewable resources such as solar, wind, or even water.
  • Reduced Maintenance: Full electric vehicles don’t require engine oil so there’s no need for oil changes.
  • Quieter Drive: Most drivers instantly notice is the serene ride. Electric vehicles don’t necessarily have any engine noise so there’s less commotion in the cabin.
  • Performance: Car enthusiasts rejoice! Electric vehicles provide fantastic performance with near-instantaneous torque.

Not only that, you won’t have to stop at smelly gas station pumps anymore! Simply plug in at a fast public charging station while you shop, or even better, recharge at home while you sleep. While installing a charger is an additional expense, another benefit to electric vehicles comes in the available incentives and tax breaks that come with embracing this emerging technology. Our finance department can tell you about all the ways you can save when you buy electric.

Learn More About Electric Cars Today at Kelley Buick GMC, Inc.!

Now that you have an idea of the primary benefits of electric cars, you might want to learn more. Let Kelley Buick GMC, Inc. help! Visit our Buick and GMC information hub to learn all about electric vehicles along with other GMC and Buick models and features.


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